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From Serpentine Dance to Veil-Poi / Voi


Veil dance is a fantasy-dance.

It was developed in the 19th century by American and Western dancers.


The American Loie Fuller was the first famous veil dancer. She danced with an

oversized silk veil, on which she let project amazing light effects.

These flowing, floral-like curves of her veil dance were very popular

in the time of Art Nouveau style.

Tribute to Loie Fuller




The visually stunning dance with large Isis veils is a present-day counterpart to

Loie Fuller's Serpentine Dance.

Isis veils are radiating pattern pleated veil wings.



In addition to the Serpentine dance and Isis dance, there's still a variety

of other enchanting veil dances: Dances with one and multiple veils.




Rectangular, half-round and round fog forms are paticulary suitable for veil dance,

but also triangular veils can be used. For dancing with several veils simultaneously,

such as double veil or triple veil,

I recommend two or three equal semi-circular veils.


Information about the veil material, the individual veil size and veil dance music,

as well as basic and advanced techniques of dancing with one and two veils,

check out the Tutorial- DVD Calligraveil:






Other variations of dancing with veils are

the Fan-Veil Dance and Voi / Veil-Poi Dance:


For this purpose,

small or very large veils are attached to the dance props:

Long rectangular veils attched to Asian fans,

Rectangular or semi-circular veils attached to Polynesian pois.




Contemporary and Tribal-Fusion Dancers will promote and develop

new varieties for dancing with veils. It will be interesting ...